•  We provide trusted advisory services and tailored project management services that enable our clients understand their needs, and choose the options.


•  We have great understanding on the best project management practices, methodologies, tools and techniques that ensures delivery of projects within the constraints of time, budget, scope, quality, risks among others.


•  Timely delivery of services that makes us win our clients confidence and trust.


•  Strong technological background on project management software's, that enable close monitoring of project activities, and smooth running of all works from initiation to commissioning of the project.


•  Our business approach is grounded on personalized services, delivery of our promises and maintaining long-term relations with our clients.


•  Our teams adhere to our project execution models to meet clients' expectations.









Integration Management

Project integrations is key as it helps us coordinate all the aspects of a project to ensure all processes run smoothly.


Scope Management

We identify our clients' needs, define and verify scope by use of Work Breakdown Structure method hence proper schedule of project event and activities.




We understand that communication is a key element for successful projects delivery. Therefore, we have well establish communication channels such as managed meeting with the client, conducting regular inspections, prepare daily and weekly reports, and report to relevant stakeholders.


Cost Management

Cost is a vital component in project management. We base on our experience to enhance cost control by determining budgets and monitoring financial appraisals.



Risk Management

We have developed a talented expertise in managing and controlling risks.



Focus Market

Our focus market are domestic and multinational organizations within our reach.



Quality Control and Quality Assurance

We understand that the stakeholders determine quality and therefore, we work hand in hand with them to ensure delivery of a quality product and services at the end of the project.


Research and Development

We have invested a lot on research to ensure that we provide services that meet the needs of the current time. We use the latest technology because we acknowledge the need of technological change.




Weils Tech Solutions has also entered into strategic partnerships with various local and international companies to pull expertise together for faster delivery of big and complex projects. The company has employed some of the best telecommunication engineers in the region who have cumulative experience as project managers of main fiber backbones spanning from Mombasa Kenya to Kigali Rwanda through Kampala Uganda. The company has successfully completed several projects.



About Us

We provide trusted advisory services and tailored project management services that enable our clients understand their needs, and choose the options.

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